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In the last decade we have been focusing on the application of parging on residential homes. In Alberta, it is mandatory to have this application of uncoloured stucco applied to the exposed foundation of the homes.

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We have installed parging on 1000s of residential homes all over Edmonton. We care for numerous home builders and when there is a repair our team of technicians are here to help.

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Residential Parging
durability in all types of climates

Parging is the application of stucco to the foundation of the home specifically.

It can also protect the foundation from deterioration. It is popular because of its versatility, appearance, availability and durability, for commercial and residential application. It provides a very affordable finish.

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Residential Parging Repair
Repairing parging cracks efficiently

Damage due to renovations, window replacements, etc. can be repaired seamlessly by Super Sonic Stucco.

Repairing stucco cracks quickly can save you thousands of dollars. Moisture management is a top priority in a stucco/parging application because water can lead to rust and rot very quickly if unattended.

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