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Looking to Increase the Value of your Property?

Are you are looking for an attractive, low maintenance, flexible solution for the exterior of your condominium project or strata property? Then consider stucco!

Whether it is parging you need or to learn the benefits of applying stucco, Super Sonic Stucco can help.

We have a second division of talented team members who’s expertise is commercial buildings, including condo and strata properties. It is a great product for covering up less than perfect looking foundation, brick or other exterior finishes.

Parging is durable and water shedding, therefore, mold and fungus resistant, fire resistant, impact resistant and still has high cosmetic value. Throughout history it has proved to be durability in all types of climates.


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Four men on scaffolding applying Stucco to a Condo or Strata Property

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    Picture of a Condo or Strata building

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