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Parging is the application of stucco to the foundation of a building. It has become a very popular product that is used to increase value and appearance.

It can also protect the foundation from deterioration. It is popular because of its versatility, appearance, availability and durability, for commercial and residential application. It provides a very affordable finish.

Parging is durable and water shedding, therefore, mold and fungus resistant, fire resistant, impact resistant and still has high cosmetic value.  Throughout history it has proved these traits in all types of climates.

It takes many years of experience to apply this material properly but because of its very nature slight imperfections are expected. It is still a great product for covering up less than perfect looking foundation, brick or other exterior finishes.

Before Parging
After Parging



Parging and Cold Weather Application

All stucco whether acrylic or other wise including parging has a seasonal application, that is, stucco cannot be applied when the air temperature drops below 0-3° degrees Celsius because these materials need 24 hours to begin to set up.

This is very important to remember that if you applied these products below or around these temperatures you run the risk of the efflorescence (a white powder being drawn out of the material) in the base coat or uneven in the finish coat because it has cured at different rates.

An even greater risk of the temperature dropping below 0° degrees Celsius is it causing the stucco to crack and fall off in sections.

These conditions apply not only to the application of the materials but their preparation (mixing) and storage as well. It is strongly recommended to wait until weather conditions stabilize before completing the job. Because of these risks as well as the extra cost incurred doing winter work our company opts to do contracts only in stable weather.


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